Start of Birak

Welcome to Birak – the Season of Sun, Heat, and Fire!

We’ve officially entered the last Noongar season of the year – Birak, spanning from December to January.

Traditionally, Birak was the fire season, marked by almost clockwork easterly winds in the morning and refreshing sea breezes in the afternoon. Noongar people would skilfully use controlled burns in mosaic patterns for various reasons, including fuel reduction, enhancing grazing pastures, aiding seed germination, and facilitating ease of movement across the country.

Represented by the colour red, Birak symbolises the sun, hot weather, and the controlled burns that play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the environment.

As the rain eases, warmer weather takes hold, and afternoons are cooled by sea breezes from the southwest. Fledgling birds venture out of their nests, with some staying close to their parents, like magpies and parrots.

This is also the time when snakes and other reptiles shed their old skin for a fresh one, adapting to the rising temperatures. With decreasing rainfall, baby frogs complete their transformation into adulthood.

Let’s embrace the unique qualities of Birak – a season of renewal, controlled burns, and the resilience of nature. Whether you’re witnessing the controlled burns or marvelling at the transformations in the animal kingdom, take a moment to connect with the beauty of Birak.

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Dec 01 2024


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