Start of Djeran

Embracing the Tranquil Transition into Djeran Season

April marks the beginning of Djeran, the Noongar season of adulthood, bringing a welcome relief from the scorching heat. As we step into this season, cool nights and dewy mornings create a serene atmosphere.

Djeran paints the landscape with red flowers, particularly from the stunning Red Flowering Gum and the delicate blooms of the summer flame. The air is abuzz with flying ants gracefully navigating the light winds, while Banksias proudly display their flowers, providing essential nectar for small mammals and birds.

Traditionally, this time of year saw a feast of seeds stored from the previous season, along with the root bulbs of Yanget (Bullrushes), freshwater fish, frogs, and turtles. Djeran also marks the beginning of hunting land-grazing animals like the yonga (kangaroo), adding diversity to the traditional Noongar diet.

As the season unfolds, the focus shifts to preparing for the colder months. Mia mias (houses or shelters) are repaired and updated, ensuring they are waterproofed and facing the right direction. Life revolves around the karrl (campfire) as the deep wintery months approach.

Let’s celebrate the Noongar Season of Djeran, represented by the color green, symbolizing growth and renewal. Embrace the changes in the air, the vibrant hues, and the rich traditions that connect us to the natural rhythm of the land.


Apr 01 2024


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