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Literacy & Maths

At Dianella SC ESC our aim is to provide students with opportunities to develop essential literacy, numeracy and communication skills needed to access a range of post-school pathways. Our focus is about identifying and delivering purposeful programs that cater for individual student needs so they can reach their full potential.

Our students are taught to recognise that mathematics is constantly used outside the classroom and that people apply general mathematical skills in a wide range of familiar and unfamiliar situations.

Dianella SC ESC is committed to literacy and numeracy development and our 2023 focus will be to:

  • Promote evidence based programs.
  • Identify students’ specific literacy and numeracy needs.
  • Provide learning experiences and opportunities that support the application of students’ functional literacy and numeracy.
  • Develop a suite of assessments to provide data to inform improvements.


At Dianella SC ESC students engage in lessons using the STEM approach which guide students through the inquiry process, as they engage in critical thinking and deep discussion about their learning. The approach involves different curriculum areas i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, which creates a dynamic learning experience.

Students participate in guided investigations and are encouraged to come up with creative solutions to everyday problems. This hands-on approach engages the students in their learning and promotes a growth mindset. The students at Dianella have the opportunity to use the 3D printer, robotics and a variety of digital technologies to assist in their learning.


Physical Education & Health

Our Physical Education Programs supports our diverse range of students. We have a specialist PE teacher that has time with every class through the week. They cover a wide range of sports which sometimes includes offsite activities such as surfing and golf. The specialist PE teacher will also organise annual athletics and swimming carnivals. We also have a school wide sports session on Thursday mornings that include a variety of options for students to participate in i.e., Zumba, soccer,  walking group and basketball. 


The Dianella SC ESC Bushranger Cadets are part of Cadets WA. At Dianella SC ESC all the students have been enrolled as Bushranger Cadets. Our Cadet Program has enabled our students to help protect the biodiversity by caring for the fauna and flora in our area. They are involved in recycling programs that help to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill. We also do composting and have a worm farm. The Bushranger Cadet program started in 2011 and our numbers continue to increase. Our Bushranger Cadets are fully involved with the Waterwise and Wastewise projects.

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Independent Living

Each classroom at Dianella SC ESC is equipped with a kitchen and supplied with cooking utensils. Classroom teachers facilitate weekly cooking sessions that may include planning, shopping, preparing, cooking and eating. Students begin with basic skills and then work their way towards cooking practical meals.

Protective Behaviours

All students at Dianella SC ESC participate in a Protective Behaviours Program. Protective Behaviours is a personal safety program that teaches children skills and strategies to identify, respond to, and seek assistance in a range of unsafe situations. Protective Behaviours is part of the Western Australian Curriculum.

The program is based on two main themes:

We all have the right to feel safe at all times.

  • Early Warning Signs (the physical sensations we experience in our body when feeling unsafe or excited).
  • Safety Continuum (safe / fun to feel scared / risking on purpose / unsafe) & Problem Solving (How could someone feel safe even if...?).

We can talk with someone about anything no matter what it is.

  • Networks (Identifying adults that we can talk with and ask for help if we feel unsafe /scared / worried).
  • Persistence Expectation (Persisting in asking for help until you feel safe again).
  • Body Awareness and Ownership & Private and Public parts of the body (including teaching and using the correct anatomical names for private parts of the body), Private and Public clothing / Private and Public places / Private and Public behaviours / Private and Public talk.
  • Personal Space (social distance) & Safe and Unsafe Touch.
  • Assertiveness (body language/ tone of voice / NO GO TELL).

Staying safe on-line will also be covered during the teaching of these topics. Students are explicitly taught vital skills of personal safety. They will develop lifelong skills of assertiveness, problem-solving, communication, and help-seeking.

SECCA runs parent workshops on Protective Behaviours, which can be found on their website. Link Below.

Other websites that can support parents and carers to reinforce the Protective Behaviours messages, concepts and strategies at home: Esafe Kids & GDHR. Links also below.

Career Education

Work Place Learning

In Years 11 and 12, our school offers all students the opportunity to participate in Authority Developed Workplace Learning (ADWPL) or Workright programs. Through these programs, students are placed in a work placement that aligns with their career aspirations and interests. To ensure success, each student is assigned an Education Assistant to provide support and guidance throughout the work experience.

While some students are able to complete their work placement with limited or no support, others may require additional assistance. For these students, we work closely with DES providers (Disability Employment Service) to develop employment pathway plans that support their specific needs.

It is important to note that students with disabilities may require additional funding in their NDIS plan to access employment support services during their transitional year at school. We encourage families to explore all options and seek guidance from our team of professionals to ensure each student is equipped with the resources and support they need to transition successfully from school to adult life.

Our ultimate goal is for every student to achieve their full potential and to find success in the workforce. We are committed to providing students with opportunities to develop their employability skills and gain valuable work experience to help them achieve their goals.

Simulated Workplace Learning

This targeted staff-assisted program has been developed to prepare students for work-readiness using real world systems and experiences. It is delivered in the context of senior school students preparing to enter the work force.

Students will develop work-ready skills including:

  • Wearing work-appropriate clothing and shoes
  • Completing assigned tasks with the aim of developing independent work skills and problem-solving strategies.
  • Effective completion of a daily logbook to ensure feedback and reflection cycles, thus supporting skills development.
  • Increase social and emotional well being
  • Connection and contribution to the community
  • Teamwork

2023 Simulated Workplace Learning domains:

  • Landsdale Farm School

Skills include preparing for and using the public transport network to attend and return from the worksite, wearing work-appropriate clothing and shoes, following routine work skills.

  • Cafe Enterprise

Skills include hygiene and food preparation skills, communication skills through customer service, and processing cash/eftpos

  • Retail Workshop

Skills include ordering stock, stock-taking, budgeting, customer service and processing orders

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