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We provide a range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, which allow students to develop industry-specific skills and work readiness through Nationally Credited Certificate courses. Students in Year 10 can complete an ASDAN Work Awareness certificate, while in Years 11 and 12, after an individualised subject selection process, students can participate in Certificate courses at Dianella SC ESC, North Metro TAFE and select schools in the North Metro Network. Our courses include Certificate 1 Workplace Skills, Certificate 1 Hospitality, Certificate 2 Retail and Certificate 2 Building or Construction. These courses are designed to prepare students for employment and further education and training at TAFE after they finish school.

In addition, to our VET courses, selected students may apply for a School Based Traineeship (SBT). These provide students with the opportunity to combine paid work, training and school. Our students have participated in SBTs in Hospitality, Retail, Business, and Warehousing. Upon completion of the SBT, students achieve a Certificate 2 or 3 in the relevant industry, as well as the potential for continued employment.

At Dianella SC ESC, we believe that Workplace Learning is an important part of developing work-ready skills, and we offer students opportunities to undertake work placements in various industries. These placements are tailored to suit the individual needs and interests of our students, with the aim of providing practical experiences that complement our VET courses and enhance their employability.

Person-Centred Planning

“The Map” in Year 10 and “The Big Plan” in Year 12 is a person-centred approach to preparing each individual student for Post School Transition. This is an opportunity for Parents/Carers and Guardians to be involved and contribute to building a fulfilling future for the young person with opportunities for work, friends, social activities, and further education.

Parents/Guardians and other stakeholders are invited to school for a series of meetings co-ordinated by the upper-school teachers. At these meetings, we discuss students' strengths, dreams, aspirations, fears/challenges and hopes for the future. From these meetings, a plan is set up to assist each individual student to have a smooth and successful transition from school into the adult world.

Endorsed Programs

Keys 4 Life

Keys4Life is a pre-driver education program delivered at participating schools and agencies that allows students over 15 years of age to learn about safe driving and sit their Learner’s Permit Theory Test.


Authority-developed Workplace Learning (ADWPL) is an authority-developed endorsed program that is managed by individual schools. To complete this endorsed program, a student works in one or more real workplace/s to develop a set of transferable workplace skills. The student must record the number of hours completed and the tasks undertaken in the workplace in the Authority’s Workplace Learning Logbook. The student must also provide evidence of his/her knowledge and understanding of the workplace skills by completing the Authority’s Workplace Learning Skills Journal after each 55 hours completed in the workplace.


At Dianella SC ESC we offer ASDAN and SCSA endorsed programs to students in Year 7 to Year 12. These courses are specifically designed to help students develop skills for learning about work and life through practical and accessible instruction. Our program is an inclusive framework that acknowledges and supports independence. We ensure that our students are enrolled in modules appropriate for their individual year level, abilities and needs.

Music Performance Ensemble (ADMPE)

Music Performance Ensemble is an Authority-developed endorsed program that enables a student to be recognised for the significant learning gained through performing in a music ensemble. The program requires that a student participates in some form of music lesson or instruction, maintains a regular practice routine, develops a repertoire of performance pieces, attends rehearsals and performs for an audience/s, which may include eisteddfods, festivals, school productions, rock performances, lunchtime concerts, busking, school or community choirs, bands, orchestras, rock groups or similar. The program enables a student to develop performance, interpretation, technique and improvisation skills, performance protocols and etiquette, ensemble skills and knowledge and understanding of his/her instrument through engagement in a variety of performances.

Students use their participation in Music Rocks to count towards their ADMPE hours.

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