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Positive Education

Dianella SC ESC is a Positive Education school based on the research by Martin Seligman.

We follow this approach as the research suggests that many factors contribute to a safe and happy school, and we embrace this approach. The focus on well-being across the school curriculum is our priority. We aim to teach our students how to have a positive outlook, a growth mindset and practise mindfulness. We strive to provide an environment that enables every child to flourish. We follow the PERMAH model which incorporates the following elements that contribute to a flourishing life, positive emotions, positive relationships, positive meaning, positive accomplishments, positive engagement and positive health. Embedded within our Positive Education Program is the teaching of The Resilience Project and VIA Character Strengths such as kindness, perseverance, love of learning, gratitude, and creativity. The Resilience Project is an evidence-based program that aims to INSPIRE and ENGAGE the whole school community - students, staff, parents and carers - through the principles of GEM (Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness). The Resilience Project embeds GEM through a combination of accessible resources, engaging lesson plans and inspiring digital presentations. The University of Melbourne found that students who participated in this program showed improved confidence, self-esteem, ability to express emotions and daily gratitude practice.

At Dianella SC ESC, we make a commitment to provide all students with tools and strategies to flourish. Flourishing refers to the experience of life going well – when we are feeling good and functioning effectively (Huppert & So, 2012; Seligman, 2011).

Our school’s commitment to an integrated approach to Positive Education is based on the research of the following:

  • Positive Education is for the science of wellbeing and Positive Psychology to be integrated throughout the education system, enabling all students, schools, and the wider community to flourish.
  • Good health, frequent positive emotions, supportive relationships, a sense of purpose and meaning, and moments of complete immersion and absorption – a life where a person uses their character strengths in ways that support the self and others, and that has flourishing at the heart.

To achieve this we, focus on strong leadership support, embedded into daily classroom practises, clear direction and planning, resources and key staff needed to promote Positive Education across the school.

Positive Education in Our Curriculum

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